History of HCI @ Auckland

HCI research has been growing at the University of Auckland since the HCI Lab was founded in 2008. The last decade has attracted researchers from world-class institutions including Dr Lottridge from University of Toronto and Stanford University and Dr Nanayakkara from Singapore University of Technology and Design and the MIT Media Lab. The University of Auckland has added to Aotearoa New Zealand’s standing in the international community of HCI researchers by winning CHI awards and publishing at top venues including CHI, CSCW, UBICOMP(IMWUT), and UIST.

A breadth of HCI topics have been covered by University of Auckland researchers, with several concentrations of expertise: Mark Billinghurst, Robert Amor and others in AR/VR/XR, Gerald Weber and Suranga Nanayakkara in assistive augmentation, and Danielle Lottridge and Jim Warren in technologies for the support for mental and physical health.