At the University of Auckland, we have 3 labs which focus on research relating to Human Computer Interaction.

The HCI Lab

Computer Science

The HCI Lab is a hub for HCI research at the University of Auckland and serves HCI, computing education and graphics research groups with its specialised equipment. Drs Danielle Lottridge and Gerald Weber direct their HCI research groups through the HCI Lab. Lottridge leads the University of Auckland HCI Research Group.

Augmented Human Lab


As technologies become more pervasive and precise, novel smart devices increasingly permeate our everyday activities. However, the interfaces exposed by these new ‘smart things’ limit both human-computer and human-human interaction to a very narrow and unoptimized manner. Either we spend significant time figuring out these ‘smart’ technologies or the way we use them disconnects us from physical reality.

Empathic Computing Lab


Empathy is about seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another. Empathic Computing is a research field that develops computer systems that recognise and share emotions and help people better understand one another.