Researchers at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) are exploring the art and design side of new technologies in Ars Electronica, an international arts media festival in cyberspace, in collaboration with the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries (CAI).

Ars Electronica is an arts and technology festival held every year in Linz, Austria, which attracts upwards of 100,000 visitors over five days. Due to the pandemic, in June the exhibitions were dispersed to 120 ‘Gardens’ around the world, each of them connected through three dimensional digital exhibition spaces, facilitated by the Mozilla Hubs online platform.

Which means that this year it can be visited by anyone in the world with a computer and good interent connection, from 9 – 13 September. The New Zealand exhibition, Ars Electronica Garden Aotearoa New Zealand, has been co-ordinated by Associate Professor Uwe Rieger of the School of Architecture and Planning at the University.

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