Danielle Lottridge presented the third lecture in the Gibbons series “Digital Wellbeing: From Human Factors to Mixed Reality Rehab”. The Gibbons lecture series is an annual series which offers insight into the most cutting-edge issues in Computer Science.

Technologies beyond the smartphone that blur the boundaries between the human body and computers are becoming more commonplace, and are merging our work, social, personal and cultural identities. Immersive virtual reality is widespread, and seamless augmented reality seems imminent.

The last 50 years of human computer interaction research have seen a shift of focus from task completion and work to supporting healthy use of computers and smartphones in our everyday lives. A recent and growing body of research maps habits and uses of technology to mental and emotional health, relating patterns of use to stress and productivity. Less clear is how our everyday digital use changes us, e.g., how social platforms shape our relationships and digital interactions change how we think.

Danielle’s talk will review grand challenges of research on digital wellbeing and charts the territory from pathological technology use to productive, embodied and creative use.

Watch the talk here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNDVK2Ne5-s